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Registration open - see you on the ice!

We apply eased pricing, which means that the earlier you sign up, the better price you get. As a race organizer during and after the Corona pandemic, late registrations are a big challenge as we are forced to guess the number of bibs, medals, prizes, give-aways, food, etc., which in the worst case can mean that several runners are without. To avoid this, we hope that as many people as possible sign up early, get the best possible price so we can plan for that maximum experience.  

Race, sauna, shower, food and drink etc. included

The registration includes a cool experience, bib, medal, give-away, hydration stations, security personnel on land and ice, professionally taken pictures during the race, DJ and nice hang out at the start / finish. The registration also includes shower & sauna at Medley and food & drink after the finish.


By registering, you agree to the competition rules so it may be good to have read them.

anmäln sida

Half Marathon 21km - SOLO & Canicross

495kr first 25

595kr -> 31/12

695kr 1/1-10/2

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Half Marathon 21km - TEAM

895kr first 25

1095kr -> 31/12

1295kr 1/1-10/2

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Marathon 42km - SOLO

595kr first 25 

695kr -> 31/12

795kr 1/1-10/2

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