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Rules of the race

1. Organiser


Edsbäckens IF

Edsbäcksvägen 46

19135 Sollentuna

Responsible: Nicholas Roman, +46702916030,


2. The course

  • The course marked and participants must follow the makerd course.

  • Participants who deliberately deviate from the marked course can be disqualified.

  • The race management reserves the right to change the race course and it may be changed at short notice until the start.


3. Equiptment

  • All participants must bring their equipment from start to finish.

  • Trash can be disposed of at energy stations or in trash cans along the course. If the competition management is alerted that participants are deliberately thrown garbage along the course, participants may be disqualified. 

  • The bib number must be clearly visible from the front of solo runners and of both participants in teams.

  • Participants in Canicross must keep the dog on a leash throughout the race.


4.  Your responsibility

  • Each participant is obliged to know the race rules and to follow them. By paying the entry fee to the Race, the competitors agree to the competition rules for Sollentuna Winter Marathons.

  • The participants participate in the Race at their own risk and the race management expects the competitors to check their insurance coverage for accidents or similar before starting. The race management can recommend Folksam's "exercise race insurance".

  • All participants must show consideration for other participants, race management, spectators and houses adjacent to the race course.

  • Each participant is obliged, to the best of their ability, to help another participant who has been injured, ill or if he or she needs other urgent help or assistance. 

  • If a participant breaks their own race to help another injured participant, the race management will offer a new starting sport for the next race or another of the organization's races free of charge. 

  • During the race, there is no emergency care, medical care or similar out on the couse. Simpler medical care and CPR trained personnel are available at the start and finish area and in some cases at the hydration stations. If a participant becomes acutely ill during the race, they are encouraged to call 112 and request emergency assistance.

  • Participants who break the race are obliged to notify this as soon as possible to the nearest official and have to return to the start/finish on their own.

5.  About they jury, protest etc.

  • The jury consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of four people from the competition management.

  • The jury interprets and decides according to the competition rules, decides in the event of a protest, decides on disqualification and has the right to decide on changes to the course and the competition rules.

  • The jury shall constitute a quorum if two members of the jury participated in the decision.

  • The jury may decide on a situation that has arisen and is not covered by these competition rules through good judgment and common sense.

  • The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.

  • A protest must be in writing and received by the jury no later than 1 hour after the finish.

  • A protest must include (i) the time and place, (ii) the starting number of those involved, (iii) the reason for the protest, and (iv) details of any witnesses.

  • A protest that does not meet the conditions above will be rejected.


6. Binding resgistration and changes

  • Registration for Sollentuna Winter Marathons is binding.

  • In the event of illness or injury, no part of the starting fee will be refunded or moved to the next race. 

  • If the entire race is postponed or significantly changed in character (e.g. from regular race to virtual), the race management will offer a refund of registration fees (less administrative expenses).

  • Places in the race can be transferred to another participant and are done by the parties themselves through platform. 


7.  Media

  • The participants give the competition organization the right to photograph and film the competition participants before, during and after the race.

  • The participants give the competition organization the right to use images and filmed material freely without restrictions in marketing, press material, on the internet, social media, television and film.

8. Handling of personal data (GDPR)

  • By registering for the race, the participant gives the organizers the right to handle and store the participant's personal data. 

  • Data handled are name, gender, e-mail, team name, bib number and results. 

  • Data provided to partners for notification management (e.g., Mailchimp) is handled according to the partner's GDPR policy and becomes a separate approval between participants and the partner.

  • The participant gives the organizer the right to communicate with the participant via e-mail before, during and after the event.

  • The participant also gives the organizer the right to communicate offers and information from parties relevant to the race such as partners, sponsors, etc.

9. Have fun clause

  • It is the responsibility of each participant to try to have as much fun as possible during the race and offer fellow runners a little nice atmosphere. The experience is at the center, not the time or placements!

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