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Banor mitti bilden

Fingers crossed for ice, snow and sunny skies!

Throughout the years we have experienced all kinds of winter weather during the races. Everything from bare ground and rain in 2018, the epically wet "slush run" in 2019, one of those one-in-a-million days during Hybrid 2021 to the absolutely magical blank ice in 2022. During the revival premiere in 2023, we completely redrew the course at short notice and ran 11km on Norrviken's ice and around Edsviken...anything can happen!

Therefore, we know that anything can happen and the conditions when it comes to ice change quickly. The route of the races can and will change. If there is no ice, the races take place around Edsviken and Norrviken. Look at each race page to see the desired course and intended reserve courses. 

When it comes to the ice and the safety of all runners, we can reassure everyone that we cooperate with both Danderyd Municipality and Sollentuna Municipality, who are responsible for the ploughing of Edsvikens Sjöisbana and Norrvikens Sjöisbana. If the ice is below 12cm thick, no tracks are plowed and we do not run on the ice. 

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