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Information to all racers

We have collected the most important information about the races below so that you as a participant can get answers to your questions without having to wait. A Race PM is sent the week before the race containing the latest information. 

About the ice and safety

  • To ensure the quality and safety of the ice (Edsviken and/or Norrviken) we collaborate with Danderyds Municipality (Edsviken) and Sollentuna Municipality (Norrviken). They are responsible for measurements and the plowed paths on each lake.

  • The thickness of the ice must be at least 12cm for the municipalities to plow and several test drillings take place continuously before, during and after plowing. Could be good to know that  about 3-4cm is enough to carry a person. 

  • If the ice is approved, the Half Marathon and Marathon go over Edsviken on up to 7 occasions and a course of approximately 10km on Norrviken. In total, there will be approximately 6km of ice running during the Half Marathon and 16km during the Marathon. But the course is usually revised up until the day before so follow us on social media and read the Race PM sent out before.

  • We only run on the ice if the crossings are secured, no exceptions!

  • If the ice is judged to be too weak or in too bad a condition, the course is revised and running takes place on a winter trail around Edsviken and/or Norrviken.

  • When running around the lakes, it will be on a combination of asphalt, dirt road, forrest path and slightly more technical trail.  

About the marking of the tracks

  • The courses will be marked with orange Enduro arrows to show the way, extra signs at tricky intersections and Challengize flags at the end of all ice crossings. We will have staff at some, but not all, ice crossings. 

  • Regardless of the course, the race will be run on more or less prepared roads, dirt roads, paths, snow-covered rocks, roots and on ice. Expect it to be slippery regardless of which of the courses apply.

  • You should therefore wear suitable winter shoes. If not with spikes, preferably trail shoes or running shoes with "broddar". If it's dry and snow-free, normal running shoes or trail shoes will be finee.

About Arena Edsvik and transport

  • Start and finish for all races takes place at beautiful Edsvik, address Landsnoravägen 42, Sollentuna. 

  • There are limited possibilitties to stay warm at Edsvik, so bring extra clothes and drop before your race. 

  • Medley is about 200m away, and by showing your race bib, you have access to a shower, sauna and locker both before and after the race.

  • Edsviken Gelateria is open and offers food, drinks and homemade ice cream.

  • There are plenty of parking spaces both at Edsvik, in connection with Medley Swimming HallSollentuna Rackethall as well as at Gärdesskolan. All these three facilities are located approx. 100-400m from Edsvik.

  • We recommend taking the bus to get to the race. The bus stop Edsvik is only about 300m to the arena through Esdsbergsparken. 

Showers, toilets

  • We rent a number of "Holken Toilets" which will be at the starting area, but expect there to be a bit of a queue. There are also 2 toilets down in Edsbergsparken behind the castle. 

  • Toilets, showers and saunas are also available at Medley Swimming Hall and are included in the registration

Bib distribution & medals

  • Bib distribution takes place on-site at Edsvik from 10.00 a.m. on the day of the race.

  • Arrive on time because we know it can take some time, You can also pick up bibs for friends.

  • All participants who cross the finish line receive a cool medal, a warming gift and food, drink och coffee.


Bag storage

  • You can store a bag at Medley Swimming Hall free of charge in locker. A shower and sauna is also included after the race. 

  • You can drop a bag at Arena Edsvik in a rented truck. The truck will be locked during the race, but we cannot take responsibility for any valuables or the contents of the bags.

Solo, Team and Canicross

  • In Winter 21km you can participate as Solo, Team or Canicross and in Winter 42km as Solo. 

  • Team means that you and your partner run as a team from start to finish and do not split up during the race. At the finish line, the time will be stopped when the last person in the team reaches the finish line if you split up.

  • Canicross means that you and your dog run together during the entire race. The dog must be on a leash at all times and you can start your race 15 minutes before the mass start to reduce stress for the dog. 

Mandatory equipment

  • Apart from the race bib, which must be clearly visible from the front, there is no mandatory equipment. 

  • Team runners can have so-called tow line, but we advise against it as the course is sometimes quite technical and there is a risk of falling or accidentally knocking down other participants.

Important times for the race

  • 10.00 race bib distribution opens at Edsvik

  • 11:00 Start Marathon 42km

  • 11:45 Free start Canicross 21km

  • 12:00 Start Half Marathon 21km

  • 18:00 Arena Edsvik closes and the races end

Timing, maximum time, broken race

  • The maximum time of the race is 3 hours for the Half Marathon and 5 hours for the Marathon. 

  • Our sweepers collect the course markings with the maximum time as their goal .This can mean that if you are at a time over the maximum, you can be passed by the sweeper and then have to finish the course without markings. 

  • Timing takes place with an app and is based on us being able to see your race bib clearly at the finish line.

  • If you drop-out of the race, we want you to notify the nearest official. You need to get back to Edsvik on your own by bus, taxi or similar. 

 Energy during and after the race

  • Along the course there will be energy stations about 8km apart. 

  • Water, energy drink, some hot drink, sweets and possibly other energy are offered at the energy stations.

Finish line, food and drink

  • The finish line is at Arena Edsvik for all races. 

  • After the finish, all participants are offered food and drink from Edsvikens Gelateria, it is included in the price. 

Risk, health care

  • There will be CPR-trained staff at Edsvik.

  • There is no official medic staff along the course so in case of urgent problems, runners must help each other, call 112 themselves and contact the nearest official who can help.

  • If you as a participant stop or drop-out of your own race to help another participant in need of help, the race management will offer you a new starting spot in the next race in the Sollentuna Winter series. 

 Results & Award ceremony

  • Your result are available on the website as soon as you cross the finish line via the results tab. 

  • Prizes are given directly at the finish line for spot 1-3 in all classes (excluding canicross where all racers are winners and given an extra eadible extra prize).

  • In addition to the trophy, you will be able to choose your prize from the prize table. 


Subsequent notification and change

  • If there are spots left, you can register for the race up to the start via the website and pick up a race bib on-site. 

  • In case of illness/injury, you can transfer your spot to another racers via, we cannot help with this, you do it yourself.

Competition rules, insurance and age limit

  • You run at your own risk and therefore need to ensure that you have your own accident insurance.

  • In the Half Marathon 21km and Marathon 42km there is an age limit of 18 for solo entry. If you have a runner who is under 18 and wants to run, we would reccommend a team registration. You as an adult are responsible for the Jr racer during the entire race. Feel free to ask us before you sign up.

  • SeeThe competition rules for tips on good insurance.

Accommodation and other good tips

Have fun clause

  • You are part of the experience. So make sure you have's contagious! Feel free to stop immediately after the finish line and cheer everyone in after you. 


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