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Information to all racers

Here is the current Race Information for this year. As the ice conditions are uncertain at the time of writing, we will provide updates via email and our social media channels no later than Friday, February 9th, regarding the current situation.

This year's Race Information is structured as a schedule from your arrival at Arena Edsvik, running your race, to what happens after you cross the finish line.

Getting to Arena Edsvik

  • The starting and finishing point for all races will take place at the beautiful Edsvik (address: Landsnoravägen 42, Sollentuna). There are plenty of parking spaces both at Edsvik, near the Medley Swimming Hall, Sollentuna Rackethall, and at Gärdesskolan.

  • Public transportation is also convenient; the easiest way is to take the bus from Sollentuna Centrum to the Edsbacka stop and walk about 300m to the arena past Medley Swimming Hall, where you can change before your race. Just inform at the checkout that you are participating in the race, and you will have access to a changing room. Bring your bags, etc., up to Arena Edsvik and leave them there.

  • There is no opportunity to warm up at the arena, so bring warm outerwear that you can leave at our "bag drop."

  • We kindly ask you NOT to linger inside Gelaterian, as they are open as usual and need space for their customers as well. Nina will kindly but firmly guide you out if it gets too crowded. Everyone is warmly welcome to Gelaterian after your race (see further down).

Arena Edsvik, Bib Pickup, etc.

  • Bib pickup opens no later than 10:00, and there tends to be a fairly long line, so arrive on time.

  • There will be a line for the Half Marathon Solo + Canicross and one for Marathon 42km and Half Marathon Team. You can pick up bibs for friends as well.

  • Please come prepared by providing the race and your bib number when approaching us. You can find it in the start list by entering your name in the search box.

  • Our partner, Balders Bröd, will be present at Arena Edsvik, selling coffee + snacks, and 50% of all proceeds go to the Childhood Cancer Foundation via Team Rynkeby.

  • There will be several portable toilets at the starting area, but expect some queues. There are also 2 toilets down in Edsbergsparken behind the castle. The toilets at Edsviken Piazza and Gelateria are for guests only.

  • You can leave a bag in our "bag drop," which is a rented truck. It is staffed during check-in and check-out and locked during the races, but we cannot be responsible for the contents or valuables of the bags.

  • We will have a supply of spikes in sizes M, L, and XL for sale at Arena Edsvik for 249 SEK each if anyone forgets theirs.


Start times for all races


  • We organize three races in a short time, so it is crucial to be present and ready for your start.

11:00 Start Marathon 42km

11:10 Start Kids Run

11:40 Last finish Kids Run

11:50 Free start Canicross teams

12:00 Start Half Marathon 21km

  • From 11:50, Canicross teams can start to reduce stress for dogs and possibly dog-shy participants. There is a large dog park at the Edsvik parking lot where you can hang out before the start.

  • Teams in the Half Marathon Team category may have a towline during the race, but we ask you to start using it only after a few kilometers to avoid issues around the start.


Courses for Half Marathon and Marathon

  • We can now confirm that both courses will be run according to plan, which means approximately 21km of ice running for the Marathon and about 7km of ice running for the Half Marathon.

  • The Marathon starts north towards Norrviiken, and about 400m up along the coast, the course goes out onto the ice where a 14km course awaits, running counterclockwise down to the southern end and then all the way up to Bollstanäs IP. After completing one lap, the course follows the same route back to Edsvik for lap 2 at Edsviken. Energy stations at approximately 4km, 11km, 17km, and at 21km at Edsvik.The second half follows the Half Marathon course below.

  • The Half Marathon starts down from Stallbacken and around Edsviken counterclockwise towards Segeludden, where the first ice crossing takes place. Then the course follows the Edsviken shoreline with crossings all the way down to Ulriksdals Slott, where the turnaround happens heading north again. Energy stations at approximately 5km, 10km, and 15km.


Course marking, ice information, and energy stations

  • The courses will be marked with small orange arrows, larger directional arrows at more critical intersections, and pink Challengize flags when necessary to indicate the ascent after icy sections if not plowed and apparent.

  • At ice crossings, there will be a clear entrance and exit that must be respected. We have ensured that the ice closest to the shore is stable, and if there's a small ramp, we want you to run on it. Otherwise, there is a risk of breaking through and getting injured.

  • Ice crossings will also be marked with orange arrows on flower sticks in the ice. If sharing the track with ice skaters, we ask everyone to stay to one side as close to the edge as possible.

  • Volunteers from Team Rynkeby Täby will be along the course for extra guidance and safety.

  • Energy stations will be available along the courses approximately every 7 km.

  • At the energy stations, there will be water, energy drinks (Precision Hydration), Balders Bröd's delicious buns, some candy, and bars. There will also be water bowls with water for the dogs.

  • The maximum time for the races is 3 hours for the Half Marathon and 5 hours for the Marathon, and our sweeper will pick up the course based on this maximum time. This means that if you are on a time over the maximum, the sweeper can pass you, and you can finish the course without markers. We will welcome you at the finish line as long as we are still there (usually until around 18:00).

  • If you decide not to finish the race, please inform the nearest volunteer, and you will need to find your way back to Edsvik by bus, taxi, or similar. Please come and inform us so we can mark your result as Did Not Finish (DNF) and avoid sending a search party after you.


Finish, medal, and awards ceremony

  • The finish line is at Arena Edsvik through the finish portal, which will have moved a bit to create a clear finish line.

  • The timing will be done with the RaceIDs app, which relies on seeing your bib number. Make sure to have it visible when approaching the finish line. In the Team class, it's when participant #2 crosses the line that matters, so no need to "run ahead."

  • Vitamin Well will be present, offering drinks after the finish.

  • Everyone crossing the finish line will receive the beautiful and extremely heavy SWM medal, as well as food and drinks (see below).

  • Please stay in the finish area for a while and cheer on the other teams.


Food, snacks, sauna, and shower included

  • Food from Edsvikens Piazza and Gelateria is included, providing a homemade soup and focaccia. The soup is vegetarian, and we have taken allergies into account, so it's also lactose and gluten-free (though the bread is not gluten-free).

  • We will have a limited edition Sollentuna Winter Marathons beer from Sollentuna Bryggeri for sale at Edsviken Piazza and Gelateria. Take the opportunity to try some local brew.

  • Snacks from Balders Bröd are also included, so take a warm coffee and another of their fantastic buns.

  • Shower and sauna facilities are available at Medley after your race, and they are open until 18:00. Just inform them that you ran, and you will receive a locker key and entry.


Safety, insurance, and have fun clause

  • CPR-trained staff and basic first aid equipment are available at Edsvik and at manned liquid stations along the course. In case of urgent problems, runners should help each other, call 112, and contact the nearest volunteer.

  • If you, as a participant, stop or abandon your race to help another participant in need, we, from the race management, will offer you a free entry to next year's race. Just contact us after the race.

  • You run at your own risk and need to ensure you have your own accident insurance. As the organizer, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents on the course.

  • Please read through the race rules, where we also provide tips on a good insurance policy.

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